Harnessing Alberta’s Healthcare Resources to Drive the Precision Medicine Economic Sector

Alberta Precision Exchange


Harnessing Alberta’s healthcare resources to drive the precision medicine economic sector


What is precision diagnostics?

Precision medicine is an emerging medical approach that calibrates the type of treatment according the unique genetic and environmental factors affecting each patient. Effective, rapid diagnostic tests must be developed in order to implement precision medicine initiatives, but developing these tests is costly and time-consuming. As a result, economic, business development, and regulatory barriers frequently prevent novel technologies from making it to market.


The APEX opportunity

Precision medicine is a health priority for healthcare jurisdictions globally.  Governments have invested billions of dollars to develop precision medicine approaches that reduce the costs of healthcare delivery and improve the quality of care. This has driven an unprecedented demand for innovative real-world diagnostic strategies.

   APEX    provides the framework to leverage the    unique health resources    available in Alberta to effectively access this    $141.7 billion    global market.

The APEX advantage

Alberta’s global metabolomics leadership, business culture, and consolidated healthcare delivery offer an unprecedented opportunity to support a vibrant precision diagnostic industry.  This unique healthcare environment is available to be leveraged through APEX to accelerate and streamline the development of new diagnostic technologies. APEX unites geographically distinct foci of expertise in translational research, business development, and healthcare innovation around the common goal of Precision Health.



Million Dollars

united in precision medicine diagnostics expertise and infrastructure from partners


industry partners

APEX partners spread across the Calgary-Edmonton innovation corridor


billion dollar

global market for health resources


May 2019

APEX will enable one of the world’s fastest clinically validated R&D pipelines for development of precision medicine diagnostic tools.



The path to commercialization

APEX is a not-for-profit foundation that curates and moderates the agreements between independent partners operating in an IP-protected environment.  These agreements allow Alberta’s emerging diagnostic technology to be translated from lab-bench idea to real-world tools with the full support of R&D experts, industry partners, clinicians, regulatory bodies, and health care delivery experts. APEX is designed to channel international investment directly into Alberta’s nascent precision diagnostics industry.

Key partners

APEX unites over $50 million in precision medicine diagnostics expertise and infrastructure from multiple partners spread across the Calgary-Edmonton innovation corridor.


Site leads

  • Ian Lewis | Calgary, The Calgary Metabolomics Research Facility


  • Deirdre Church | Alberta Public Laboratories, Alberta Health Services




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